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[ASK] accesspoint show no doc

Hello QlikView world..

i have implemented qlikview server in my place

i tried to open AccessPoint on Localhost, n i can do it

but when i try to access it from other machine, it show no doc

n my place use proxy for the net

n i try to access it from my private net, with no proxy, then i able to access it

why my place with proxy can't access accesspoint?

because in my office we use proxy to connect to the net

thx a lot...

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[ASK] accesspoint show no doc

Hi randy

Try to bind ip address with your host name of server. In windows hosts file.

Then try to check the result.

Also make sure there are no ports bolcked.

try to open ports 80, 4747 for both inbound and outbound.

Hope that helps.



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[ASK] accesspoint show no doc

ok i'll try that

thx ashfaq

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