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About to attempt Server 10 installation... advice welcome

Hi all,

I am about to attempt for a second time, the server 10 installation.

I am doing it by myself with little knowledge of web servers etc.

anyway, last time I had to rollback the changes so users could access the QlikView apps.

I saw a thread here recently outlining some things to check and almost a step-by-step list of tasks, but I cannot find it.

Can anybody share this info?

I'm not sure about IIS and if this is needed for QVS or if it is an option.
I'm hoping its just a case of uninstalling the old one and reinstalling - with minimum configuration.

as I don't really understand how to configure it.

Wish me luck..


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About to attempt Server 10 installation... advice welcome

You will need to read the release notes and follow the instructions there if you do not have a publisher license. If IIS is installed you can either runn everything under IIS or install and run the QlikView webserver.

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