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Access Point Logs in as Anonymous

Since we have upgraded to version 10 SR3, we have an unusual behavior with the AccessPoint. Every time you try to access the AP from a machine that has never been, you are logged in as "anonymous". You can click "Login" in the upper right-hand corner and then you will be logged in as you(internal) or prompted for credentials(external user). The weird thing is that all of the "Allow Anonymous Logon" settings in IIS have been "disabled" and we have tried every single authentication setting in the QEMC(which changes nothing). Has anyone experienced this or do you have any insight? Thanks in advance for any help! FYI: All servers are on Win2008 R2, use IIS, and QV version 10 SR3

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Re: Access Point Logs in as Anonymous


Just a quick note: if you use IIS, you should check that the IIS has not any rule that, by default, the user passed on to the QlikView Server is Anonymous (IUSR_somethinghere). This doesn't seem to me a Server error rather than a IIS configuration issue.

Hope that helps.


EDIT: If you use the Alternate login page instead of the default in addition to NTLM authentication type and Prohibit anonymous checked, are you able to see the form and does it return the AccessPoint as expected? Did you upgrade from previous releases of version 10 or from version 9?

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