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Access Point Rows Attribute Name (QV9)


Does anyone know the name of the attribute / variable that contains the default selected value for the Rows: drop-down box in QV9 Access Point. The index.htm file refers to .Pagesize but I believe this is a the value list not the attribute which contains the default selected value.

What I am trying to do is force a default to 10 (as it seems to be currently set to ALL) as we have many files and it is taking a long time to generate the list for users whom are logging into the Access Point for the first time on a particular PC. I am trying to use the methodas described in the below post, which doesn't seem to work when I use "Pagesize" as the attribute and 10 as the value:


I also tried to override the default selected value in the statement which defines the Rows: drop down in the index.htm.

From this:

<span avq=".Pagesize_text">Rows</span>:  <select avq="edit:.Pagesize"></select>

To this:

<span avq=".Pagesize_text">Rows</span>:  <select avq="edit:.Pagesize"> <option selected="selected">10</option> </select>

You can see it select the value in the box but it seems the jscript then runs and overwrites the value back to ALL. I have also looked through, I think, all of the .css and .js files looking for the attribute but can't find it.

If anyone else has any other suggestions on how to change or override the default value for the drop-down please let me know. Thanks.