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The Following question has been posed:

1. Security - currently our security is using the server serial number to bypass security for reloading and this doesn't work with the new structure of Qlikview 9, please do research into what is required if anything in an access script for the server to be able to reload the model in a schedule.

As i am still new to qlikview, i have no idea where to start?

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A good place to start would be the QlikView Reference Manual. Specifically, take a look at pages 507 - 509. The basic idea is that you would want to make the Publisher account an ADMIN in section access. This can't be done using serial# however--you would need to specify the username or SID. The only way you can use serial number, is if you are batch-reloading using QlikView Desktop, which I don't think is the case.


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Hi there,

Thanks for this but like i said, being new to Qlikview, this is so way over my head its just not funny.