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Access checking in QMC

How to check in QMChen perticular user is logged in qlikview server or opened document in accessspoint

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Re: Access checking in QMC

On the status page, on the right hand side a tab which says statistics ( I think I am running .Next sorry)

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Re: Access checking in QMC

Hi Deepak,

Please follow the path:

Go to QMC ->Status->QVS Statistics--> and at right side as below click on Active Users (Here you will get list of all active users)



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Re: Access checking in QMC

You can also use the Governance dashboard, this is also helpful for historical view, the above comments are good too but they are to view the most current users and session, but as soon those sessions die there are gone from there, but there are kept in the session logs, which Governance dashboard can help you to view it easily. http://www.qlik.com/us/explore/products/governance-dashboard

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Re: Access checking in QMC


If you need more statistics about the use of your aplications and activitie per user in access point, maybe you should install System Monitor to get a QVW with your QMC information.

best regards.

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