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Access denied to QlikView document

Hey there,

I have a QlikView document which was created by another user who is no longer in contact. This file contains a hidden script for section access and the password for this is unknown to the current team. I could not find any way to recover the password from the QlikView documentation.

Now, we are migrating the entire QlikView server from on-prem to a VM on Azure and this particular file throws an exception while opening. While all other QlikView documents are working fine as expected, this particular document says "Access denied to this QlikView document" while opening. Is there any specific reason for this? How do I resolve this error and open the file assuming we do not have access to the hidden script password.

QV_Error1.PNGAccess Denied


QV_Error2.PNGFailed to load



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Re: Access denied to QlikView document

Either above one should be opened by the developer or an user who is having real access which was configured in Section Access i.e. already loaded into that particular app.

Other wise, with different user or perm you can't open the app.

Or else, check if there is any Backup of this app with out SA in DR Servers or anywhere, if you maintain one.

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Re: Access denied to QlikView document



More than likely if there is a hidden script the document has section access applied. If you don't have the password for this you will not be able to recover the document.



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