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Access point not available


We have QlikView Server Sr12

we are enabling https communication

everything was working properly until this morning when we are not able to log to the access point

we can open doculments on server using QlikView desktop client

but in the browser we are not able to access the Qlik Access Point

Please advise on what the problem might be

but I discovered the following then:

if I disable https communication the access point is available only if I put the IP address instead of the name of the server

any clue?

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Re: Access point not available

That's quite a number of problems thrown together. Which one do you want to get resolved?

Re: Access point not available

BTW It doesn't suprise me that QV Desktop can open server documents. It's a different channel altogether (port 4747).

Re: Access point not available

Do you have port 443 open to your web server for your web browser for https ?

It also looks like you have a DNS lookup issue, do you have port 53 open to your DNS server for your web clients ?  And if so for TCP, UDP or both ?

Is there a firewall and or proxy involved ?

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Re: Access point not available


Network administrators checked for issues and said everything is ok

Now all of a sudden i can put server name and I can access the qlik Access Point only on HTTP

but when I enable https I cannot access it

I checked the certificate on the server it is OK and the expiration date is on September 2016

Any clue?