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AccessPoint Login Form


I'm setting up a Qv Server 9.0 SR3
I'm using NTFS authorization mode.

What I would like to do is when the user visit the AccessPoint page he can insert his credentials to log in.
At this moment everythings works, but if two users want to share the same user credentials it is impossibile because Qv automatically takes username and password from IE (we are using ActiveX Control Plugin).

If I click on "Logoff" and then click again on "Log in" Qv again takes automatically the credential from the IE.

How can I change this ? I want that user must always insert his credentials.

Thanks a lot.

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AccessPoint Login Form

Hi ,

I am not sure about this but you can do a setting in each user's IE for that. You can go in Tools-> Internet Options -> Security and over here select Internet -> Custom Setting Here in User Authentication ( in the bottom most of the window) you will find a setting for "Prompt for user name & password" . As well change the Reset Custom Setting to Medium. Follow the same thing for Intranet also.

See if this helps

With Regards

AmarBig Smile