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AccessPoint - Versions visible

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to keep my back-up files switched on...but don't want the versions appearing on access point.

Is there a way of managing this via a setting on the QMC or in the QVW.

At the moment I'm either moving them manually or deleting - which relies on me being quick and non-forgetful!

Thanks in advance,


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Re: AccessPoint - Versions visible

Hi John,

you could setup a separated backup mount location for these and then making that non browsable, I think that should then stop them showing. Can just enable the browsable option if you need these to show for whatever reason

hope that helps


New Contributor III

Re: AccessPoint - Versions visible

Sounds like a plan Joe...

Where would I set-up the separated backup mount path (ideally at a document level) to ensure my versions always get written to there (rather than my browsable live UI folder)?



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Re: AccessPoint - Versions visible

In the QMC, system > setup > folders is where you can manage your mounts.

I would probably set up a new task prior to your application reload, which is solely a distribution job to the back up mount location you create.

That is assuming you have publisher though.

If you need to do it without publisher, you can probably just create a back task qvw executing the required command lines to copy your application to your backup folder (and make that task run prior to main reload)

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