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AccessPoint is not for me....

Hi all,

I have been researching into upgrading from v8.20 to 9 and have come to the conclusion that AccessPoint is not for me (at least not at the moment). I had some great information from Stephen Redmond as to why AccessPoint is a good thing, but at least one of the following is a showstopper (particularily the one about the OnOpen macro in server mode).

We are currently at v8.20. IEPlugin only displays as an option on the AccessPoint when the plugin is v9 - we would therefore need to have the plugins at v9 at the same time the server is upgraded if we are to use AccessPoint. Ajax is an alternative method which is now much more mature and could soon be viable.

Document reloading is achieved via remote command/batch file initiated by our business system (e.g. post invoicing run) - not through a schedule on the Qlikview server or QMC schedule. When using backup, the version created by the reload will be visible on the AccessPoint. There is no option to direct the versions to a specific location, they are simply created in the same place as the document. These versions would therefore need to be moved to another place necessitating changes to each reload process.

Via an asp menu, we invoke documents using qvp protocol to enable a call of initial macro or parameter passing. AccessPoint does not seem to offer the ability to do either of these things. The initial macro call is mainly historical as the documentation has always insisted that the document OnOpen event has no meaning in the server environment (see P338 of v9 QV Reference Book II). If the OnOpen event can be used (which would indicate the documentation is wrong) each document would need to be changed to add this trigger event. Parameter passing would still need to be resolved.

The AccessPoint interface is rather clumsy and does not conform to standards; asp offers better freedom with the user interface.

A major feature of AccessPoint is its ability to load balance across servers, but we are a single server environment anyway.

Just my observations and simply to invoke discussions.



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