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Accessing through Mobile APP


Our security team is working on to implement accessing Qlikview dashboards through Mobile/Ipad. They are able to access the dashboard with Safari within our internal network.

They still cant access the dashboard with the Mobile App, regardless if they are trying on the internal network or the VPN (external).

Is there any suggestions or steps we can follow to fix this issue?


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Re: Accessing through Mobile APP

"It doesn't work" is usually not a very good description of the problems your QlikView environment is experiencing.

Can you provide more information about what messages you get? What the Apple client is displaying when it tries to open the AccessPoint? Whether you get a login prompt when acessing the QlikView server? Also post the version (including service release number) of the QlikView server.

Every QlikView version has an updated PDF document called "QlikView Mobile Client Reference Manual_ENG.pdf". The steps are listed in that document. If you haven't got it, you can download it from the Qlik Customer Downloads page. An older version is also available here: Re: Guide Lines for Accessing Qlikview on Mobile


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Re: Accessing through Mobile APP

Hi Paul,

Our Qlik client build number is 11.20.13206.0.

Below is the response I received from my security team today.

There is an issue with the App and the server. As you know am not able to connect to the server through the MDM(Airwatch – VPN)

So I just tried to bypass the VPN and go straight to the server on our internal network (Yosemite)

Still, not able to connect the server…

I cannot test the App on a mobile device when the App cannot connect to the server. Error.jpgThis something you( or someone else) and vendor need to resolve before I can move forward with my testing.

Re: Accessing through Mobile APP

On your iPad, can you reach the AccessPoint in Safari from where you want to? Can you open a document using Safari?

The Apple client uses the same communication channel to open the AccessPoint and any documents. The error message in your screenshot has something to do with your network blocking the client from getting in touch with the AccessPoint, not with the client or QlikView.