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Accesspoint Formatting Issues

I am running into several formatting issues when trying to view apps in Accesspoint. I create several QVWs the way I like, with certain charts, list boxes, etc formatted in such a way that look good and in sync. However, when I load, distribute, and then view the apps on Accesspoint, everything goes haywire.

  • List boxes shrink and/or have scroll buttons added.
  • Charts all lose the rounded corners.
  • Pretty much ALL objects on the screen start overlapping left and right and it just looks terrible.

Is there a way while working on a source file, to "VIEW IN ACCESSPOINT FORMAT"? Or is there a particular setting I need to set up? The way i am doing it now is a waste of time because my source file looks perfect when I save it, but then when viewed in Accesspoint it looks awful.



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Accesspoint Formatting Issues

Are you viewing the files on the same computer as you developed them on? If you're viewing in AJAX that could get rid of the rounded corners. If you're viewing the files at a different resolution than when you developed, that would add scrollbars. The overlapping thing is confusing, but maybe related. Have you tried viewing from a different browser (e.g. Firefox)?

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Accesspoint Formatting Issues

This is related to my post here: http://community.qlik.com/forums/p/24211/92708.aspx#92708

Please have a look, thanks.