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Adding different users to Published qvw's

Hi All,

I have a published task which creates 20 qvw's on loop and reduce of a certain field,

when trying to add specific users to a qvw,  after reload, the access defaults to the parent documents access group.

I would like to move this to a document administrator to manage, but need to know if it is possible for access to be granted this way,

the other alternative would be to create a separate task for each field value, which seems to defeat the propose of the loop and reduce.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Adding different users to Published qvw's

Are we talking Section Access or licensing?

Section Access is handled by the app developers, they should know how to develop the app so when it is distributed, the respective section access remains.

Document Administrators cannot assign licenses, folder supervisors can, and only Document CALs. They will have to manually assign after the first distribution in the QMC > Documents > User Documents > Document CALs.

Named User CALs are handled by the full access to QMC (members of local QlikView Administrators group).