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Ajax layout


I'm testing the QlikView Server 9.
I have some trouble with the ajax layout.
Some controls doesn't appear as in design mode.

For example I have a "Linear Table" with horizontal data in design mode while in Ajax in doesn't appear in horizontal mode.

Controls with "animated dimension" doesn't work...I can't let the chart starts...there is no play button.

How can I get better rendering ?

In OCX works better but how can I know how user will see the documents ? Some controls aren't exactly as in design mode (scrollbars appears on the right and on the bottom of the web page).

Thanks a lot!

Bye Smiley Happy

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Ajax layout

Well, AJAX Design Mode is still in beta...if you've found problems, I would suggest reporting them to QlikView so they can resolve it in the next SR (support@qlik.com). Or do you mean that AJAX clients are having problems?


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Ajax layout

Horizontal mode does not work in AJAX. AJAX isnt quite the same as the app but its getting closer. We have been using AJAX for about two years now. We have had sonme issues but were able to work through most of them. I have a post somewhere on here about the horizontal mode, if you can find it in the search, let me know, I may be of some help.

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