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Ajax print dialog?

Hello Community,

I am trying to use the Print action, with the 'Show Print Dialog' option enabled, but when i use the action in AJAX nothing happens.

The IE Plugin has no trouble as it's installed and has access to the OS, is there any workarounds to this in AJAX?
Only thing i thought of was to use the normal browser print button, but this doesn't format very well.
Using v9, 64bit EE


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Ajax print dialog?

Hi Peter,

The print function in Ajax works quite differently than in QlikView or the Plugin. This is because QV and the Plugin can generate the print dialog whereas Ajax can't. What Ajax does is generates the printout as a PDF on the server and then presents a download option to the user to open that generated PDF (in v9 this is via the /PRINT virtual folder).

If this is not working at all, it may be that your server's Print Spooler service is off or disabled (a common "hardening" method on servers). You might find that the PDF XChange driver has not been installed at all - it fails if the spool service is not started.

If this is the case, you need to enable the service and start it (and change any Policy that might disable it) and re-download the PDF driver from the QlikView downloads page.



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Re: Ajax print dialog?

Dear Stephen,

I created a button with a Print action.

The default is a PDF, which works fine in the developer (installed on the same server of the Qlikview 11 server).

But, in a web access,  a new HTML page is opened, and a PDF is not created.

Is there a solution?

There is no such issue with a report object. i.e., a PDF is created in a web access, as expected.