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Ajax vs IE Plug-in on client side

Hello to everyone,

I have a hard question and i don't find the answer anywhere. I want to know what file your computer save when you connect to a QVW app with the Ajax ZFC Client ?.

I have the same question with the IE Plug-in client.

Thanks by advance,

And May the Qlik be with you !

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Ajax vs IE Plug-in on client side


i only know the different between ie-plugin and ajax is ie-plugin can use macro, and ajax can't use. that's why sometimes we use ie-plugin if qv use macro..



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Ajax vs IE Plug-in on client side

Thank you marco,

But it's not what i want to know. I want to know what files are saves on your computer when you access to a qlikview document by ajax and by ie plug-in clients.

I've tried every document given by qliktech but i don't find the info......

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Ajax vs IE Plug-in on client side

Hi, I am not sure if I understand your question. If QV has to save anything like Bookmarks or other settings it uses the Registry and saves files here : C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\QlikTech\QlikView , on Windows 7. You will find similar on XP in Documents and settings.

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Ajax vs IE Plug-in on client side

The ajax client does not store any files on your computer, except some static files (html, js, images...) that are cached by the browser (hence the name "zero footprint client"). Objects created with the ajax client are stored on the server in the documents folder.

I don't know if there is file stored on the client machine when the plugin is used to access server documents.