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Alert message when reload fails

Hi all,

If the reload of the doucmnet fails is it possible to send an alert message, Our company had only Qlikview server License,

Do we need Qlikview Publisher License in order to achive this feature ?  

I am using qlikview 11 server


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Re: Alert message when reload fails

Hi Monica,

no you dont need Publisher.

In QMC, go to System>Setup>Mail Server and configure an account to send the emails. Then, go to System>Setup>Qlikview Server>Alerts and configure the account that will receive the alerts.



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Re: Alert message when reload fails

Yes, it is possible. You would need to configure Mail Server under QMC, under System > Setup tab, and then you would need to place your email address under System > Setup > QVS > Alerts tab in the QMC.