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Allocated Memory Exceeded

My QlikView Application runs localy on the Server without any error. When i open the same QVW with Internet-Explorer or Client/Server, then i get the error "Allocated Memory Exceeded" on a straight table.

After restarting the QlikView Server - i work with the Small Business Edition - the problem is solved.

Once a day, the QlikView Publisher reloads the data. After this reload i have the same problem.

Can anyone help me?



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Allocated Memory Exceeded

Check you memory restrictions in QEMC --> System tab --> QlikView Servers --> Performance. There are a lot of variables here. The calculated formulas limits may be relevant to you if the straight table uses some memory-intensive expressions. The Working Set limits define how much of the total server memory is dedicated to QVS--if your server does not have a great deal of memory, you might want to consider buying more (setting the Maximum working set limit to >90 is never a good idea).

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Allocated Memory Exceeded


Another Idea - We have encountered a memory leak problem with QVS.

There is a registry setting that forces the QVS to flush memory (you can set the frequency)

Etay Elazar


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Allocated Memory Exceeded

Hi Etay Elazar,

We are also facing Memory leckage problem .

Application QVW size :376 MB

Server :64 bit with 32 Gb ram with 4 GB VM

Which of the registry setting has resolved the problem.

Please help!!!


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Allocated Memory Exceeded

Hi there.

Sorry for the delay - I had some issues with logging into the community.

You are looking for "ClearCacheTimesPerDay"


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Re: Allocated Memory Exceeded


Where can I find this option "ClearCacheTimesPerDay"?

Kind regards,


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Re: Allocated Memory Exceeded