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Analysing memory spikes?

Hello all

Does anyone know if you can see memory used on the server by individual?

I have a document on the server and the memory is growing rapidly even though only 5 or 6 users are using 1 document. I would like to see a breakdown of the memory consumed by each user.

I have used the QlikView Optimizer application, but this doesn't take memory usage from the server.

Any ideas would be well received.


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Re: Analysing memory spikes?


I think for opening the Qvw file on the server for the first time it will  use the memory  that u open on the desktop.

For the next user it will use only 10% of the first user who is seeing the data. for every new user it will consume

10% of the  first user ..


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Re: Re: Analysing memory spikes?

I found this pdf helpful when looking at server memory management.

Also, keep an eye on the number of object created by users in each dashboard, they can grow quite fast!

I use Ops Monitor, but this resource looks really good: QlikView Application: System Monitor v5.0.16

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Analysing memory spikes?

The memory growth you are seeing is caching of expression results. This is normal and is not attributable to a user.