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Any downsides to clustering

Currently we have 2 different groups using apps on 2 servers. We are considering setting up a cluster. The advantage is obvious - whenever one server goes down the other picks up so users aren't completely out of luck.

In the past we didn't do this because we were afraid of the added memory overhead associated with running both sets of QV apps on both servers. I have heard that this is no longer the case since you can set the apps up so that by default it runs on one box rather than either.

I am looking forward to maintaining only one set of named users. Are their any other considerations I'm missing? Any big downsides? Also is there a document on the partner website that would go over the configuration issues such as mentioned above I should review? 

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Re: Any downsides to clustering

The only downside I can think of is if you have 2 QVS servers clustered and if you Pre-load option enabled on the dashboard, it will pre-load on both the servers.

on the Flip side you can restrict the dashboard onto only one node that way it will not occupy the memory on both the servers but their will not be any failover.

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Re: Any downsides to clustering

  • To add one more point here your QMC Service can run only on one server and if that server fails, your environment will be down.
  • You need to purchase an additional QlikView Server License.
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Re: Any downsides to clustering

You can run the Cluster and set for each document where it should be available and make sure with preload ensure that the document is loaded on a specific node as long both nodes are running. If one goes done, the app will also be loaded on the second one.

In this case you have on License Management for the Cluster. This is a common way to run a cluster.