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Application memory usage on Server

Is there a way to identify how much memory each of the applications on a server is consuming?

I administer about 75 applications on a Qlikview v9 SR4 64bit server running with 34 GB ram. Usually the Qlikview Server consumes between 16 and 18 GB or RAM, but occasionally all the available memory is consumed and we are forced to stop the service to free the memory.

I'd like to see which of the applications is consuming the most memory, to try and pinpoint the root cause.

Any assistance will be appreciated,


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Application memory usage on Server

here, we have the same the problem, but with a group of 181 applications. No one solutions?



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Application memory usage on Server

I would suggest you acquire the QvServerPerformance application and set it to reload nightly. You will get the latest performance statistics every day and you'll be able to identify the root cause fairly easily.


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Application memory usage on Server


You should use the qvServerPerformance.

Fortunately, some users already shared this app on the community

Check this thread out:


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Re: Application memory usage on Server

Hi Erich,

        Could not find the thread that you have posted.Could you please share the applicatio.


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