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Applying new Licences to QlikView Small Bis Server

Hi all,

We are a new customer to QlikView, and have SBS version of Qlik with currently only 3 user cals whilst we get it developed. We've bought the product through our Sage Reseller, who also support it for us.

I've asked for a quote for another 5 licences, and they've told me the cost per licence, but also stated that we'll have to pay for a days consultancy for these licences to be installed remotely on the server. When they charge £750 a day, thats basically the cost of an extra licence just for them to install! As they never mentioned at any point during the initial purchase that we'd have to pay extra for licences to be installed, we're a little peeved off to say the least.

Can someone advise how easy it is to install these extra licences on the server? Is there any documentation I can download?

I'm an IT consultant who supports the servers so I'm technically proficient, but I know next to nothing about the QlikView Server install as it was all done by the reseller.

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Applying new Licences to QlikView Small Bis Server

Hi Dave, we used to have a small biz server as well and bought more licenses - all it took was a call to QlikTech and they updated our license record.

Once we hit the button 'Update license information' the licenses were available. I've never heard that buying more licenses would require any consultancy...

I recommend you talk to your QlikTech rep directly...

Cheers, Lukas

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Applying new Licences to QlikView Small Bis Server

Thanks Lukas, its appreciated.

Just called Tech Support and they weren't that specific about timings to install the licences, he just said about a few hours. I'm still a little aggrieved that our reseller doesn't class the license install as part of the support costs either - as thats 20% of the license cost p.a.

I've now left a message with the QlikView Account manager that is on our customer file, hopefully she'll be able to advise me further, unless anyone else has any helpful info?

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