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Assign/Manage Named CALs to AD Group?

I am using NTFS and Active Directory. I want to assign several Named CALs to an AD group, because employees come and go, I don't want to manage the CAL list manually and individually. Say I have 5 people in the Finance group, and I am ok with them taking 5 Named CALs. What's the best solution? Thanks.

Also, please see my following question for Qlik Admin can see QVW on Access Point even not granted access?

Does this only happen with NTFS? I had experience with DMS and don't recall that thumbnails showing up because of file permissions. Would this happen with Configurable ODBC? Thanks!

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Re: Assign/Manage Named CALs to AD Group?


If you enable Dynamic CAL assignment then whoever is having access to qlikview or if they are in AD group then they will able to access the applications.

Please find the below thread which will help you.


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Re: Assign/Manage Named CALs to AD Group?

Hi Bindu,

I figured I was not clear about my question. I am using dynamic cal assignment. I am trying to find out is the relationship between AD Group and users in that group: who are in the AD group and their usage. Now I see the group name on QMC. Can I see user names on QMC, or is there a .PGO file?

If I have 5 users in the AD Group, and 5 Named CALs will be taken through dynamic CAL assignment once they all open QVW on Access Point?