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Assign named cal to a computer?


I would like to know if it's possible to assign a named cal to a computer (not a user)?

For example, 3 users will access to one application but they will use the same computer...

I see in the identification part in the qmc that the identifcation can be "user name" or "Machine name", Is this option I need?

If yes, how can I affect a named cal to a computer?, Is the management CAL (lease, quarantine...) is the same as a document cal?

Thank you for your help


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Re: Assign named cal to a computer?

I don't know wwhether this still works (AFAIK assigning CALs to devices was deprecated a while ago) but you certainly don't want to mix them. Either you assign CALs to identified Devices or you assign them to identified Users.

In general you assign CALs to IDs. Those IDs can be either User IDs (DSC validated identities) or Device IDs (Machine name + MAC Address).


Re: Assign named cal to a computer?

Hello Peter,

Thank you for answering me.

If I understand correctly, I can assign named cal to Device ID and it's a server setting.

So, how to assign licences to device? is it possible to lease licence this case?

Re: Assign named cal to a computer?

Check with your Partner Manager to explore how best is possible to assign to computers/devices, although the setting is there, licenses are leased to users, never to machines anymore.

Re: Assign named cal to a computer?

The setting to switch your QlikView Server license assignment method from User ID to Device ID and vice-versa is on QMC page QMC->System->Licenses->QlikView Server (in tree view)->Client Access Licenses (CALs)->General->Identification. Switching to the other mode allows you to assign licenses to different IDs, while the older assignments stay put.

Keep in mind that Qlik publicly advises you not to mix Identification methods on a single QVS, as this may lead to double CAL assignments. So if I were you, I would follow Miguels suggestion and contact your Qlik Partner.