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Audit Logging : any Performance Overhead on the server

We want to anlyse usage of our qlikview applications and switching on audit logging of client activity seems to be the appropriate start point to create a log that can then be analysed by a Qlikview application. If anyone has audit logging switched on , does it has any impact on the performance of the Qlikview server ? As it is part of the Qlikview offerring I would hope not, but any feedback will be welcome as we don't want performance to be degraded. 

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Re: Audit Logging : any Performance Overhead on the server


As long as any logging action means access to write (and read) on disk, the more you log the slower your system will go. But, what the actual impact in a real life scenario? It will depend on your hardware, specially hard disk specifications or network capabilities if you are using a shared resource. If concurrency is low and number of charts is small, that should not be a problem at all, or vice versa, if there is a lot of users at the same time using a huge number of docs with lots of charts, logging may cause the system to slow down.

I'd strongly recommend you to take a look at the QlikView System Monitor. It's a really powerful application that reads your server logs and draws charts based on that info. Plus, you can modify it to fit your needs.

Hope that helps.


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