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Authentication & Authorization

Hi all,

I hv few queries in terms of authentication & authorization.. It's quite confusing @.@

There are 3 types of authentication: NTLM, Header, Custom User

1. If I choose NTLM:

- Where can I set the authorization? Folder or the file itself?

- Does DSC - Custom Directory part of NTLM?

- What is the difference between Configure LDAP and Active Directory?

2. How to use Header authentication?

3. If I choose Custom User:

- Is it correct to say we only can use DSC - Custom Directory ?

- The authorization level is on folder/file itself?

Kindly assist.. Thanks

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Authentication & Authorization

Someone help pls pls Time

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Authentication & Authorization

I think I got my answer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R7Ez5R140M&feature=related

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