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Authentication required

Help to sort out the problem .


IP addresses are listed as trusted. Authorization - DMS authorization.

I would be grateful for your help .

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Re: Authentication required

Hi, Roman

   Does the QlikView Server machine belong to the same domain as the computer you're using to access the QlikView application?

Does the same problem happens if you try to access http://machine_name/qlikview ?

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Re: Authentication required

Hi Roman,

Please give Domain\User credentials and check it.

Is the above error image is after providing credentials?

please let me know



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Re: Authentication required


Yes, if system login domain and the dashboard access domain was different, it will ask for the username and password.

Some cases like, system domain was Global\username

but the dashboard authentication was given some thing like globaltest\username


Re: Authentication required

Trusted IP will not do you any good here. Login through the AccessPoint and see what happens when you open a document.


Re: Authentication required

Assuming that it's the dialog that is annoying you (it's not a problem per se, just regular security protocol), it will only go away if you get SSO (Single Sign-On) to work.

If your QlikView server resides in a different domain than the user you are currently logged in as, this can be accomplished by providing a trust relation between the two domains. Ask you SysAdmin about trust relations between domains.

If your server hasn't been added to any domain, please do so. A local machine domain cannot be forced to recognize you if you do not enter credentials that belong to a locally defined user. SSO only works in Active Directory.


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Re: Authentication required

Thank you all very much for otklinulis to my problem and propose a solution to solve it.
My problem was solved changing the Log Location . Was Login page by default , but I changed to an alternative login page , and my problem was gone.

Can my information will be useful to you in further.
Thank you all !

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