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Automated deployment of Qlikview apps

Hi, We have around 15-20 QV apps and growing more.

Currently to migrate between different environments, Dev-QA, QA-UAT, UAT-Prod we copy the qvs, qvw files/folders, create the QMC tasks manually in each environment and reload the tasks.

Are there any tools available to perform the steps for Migration?

We are using CA Release automation (Nolio) for .Net Applications. Can we use similar approach for Qlikview reports?

Or is there any better approach that can minimise the efforts required for deployment. ~4 hrs a month?

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

There are two vendor products I'm aware that can manage Qlik deployment:


Platform Manager




Contributor II
Contributor II


Quite similar situation with my project. I have DEV, TEST and PROD environments. All changes go DEV->TEST->PROD, so I wrote some Windows CMD script to automate those steps. It uses some VB script and QMSEDX. Though you may have to adjust the script to meet your needs, but in general it helps me to save those 4 hours you are talking about. In also includes couple good practices of deployment/update (release note, data reduce and backup of original).


1. Reduce data in original QVW file...

2. Backuping original QVW file

3. Removing old QVW backups...

4. Copying QVW file...

5. Copying release note...

6. Copying plan note...

7. Reloading the report...

Attached zip has password aaa123 - hope it will get through antivirus.