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Automated mail status success but no mail getting user(Publisher)

Hi All,

I am facing a problem where I created a task that send an email on day to day regular basis.
In Publisher I created a task that send an email from a excel sheet. The problem is in Publisher I can see the task executed successfully with warnings but the user mailid specified in the excel worksheet not received the mail.

For reference I am including the log script below:

8/7/2010 09:01:02.7225081 Information Opened successfully (0)
8/7/2010 09:01:02.7225081 Information Number of rule combinations was calculated successfully. Rounds=1
8/7/2010 09:01:02.7225081 Information Binding Loop Reduction Set (0), Determinate Round Count (0), Determinating round count. (0), Finished (0)
8/7/2010 09:01:02.7225081 Information ROUND: 1 of 1. WarningCount=0
8/7/2010 09:01:02.7225081 Information Destination Name: SFA_DiistributionReport_0.qvw
8/7/2010 09:01:02.7537575 Information Resetting of the Document Script for the Distributed Document was successful. ScriptType=BinaryLoad
8/7/2010 09:01:02.7537575 Information Dynamic Distribution for field Email_COUNTRY returned 3 possible recipients.
8/7/2010 09:01:02.7693822 Information Searching using "EmailAddress" using parameter "Email_COUNTRY" returned nothing
8/7/2010 09:01:02.7693822 Warning Dynamic distribution returned no recipients using "EmailAddress" using parameter "Email_COUNTRY".
8/7/2010 09:01:02.7693822 Information Storing document to be distributed on disk
8/7/2010 09:01:02.7693822 Information Enabling One and always one
8/7/2010 09:01:26.8157955 Information Disabling One and always one
8/7/2010 09:01:26.8157955 Information Empty rules (0), Rules resulted in distribution. (0), Building filename (0), Setting script (0), Applying DDD Recipients (31), Offer resources (46), Populating distribution (46), Generating documents from "E:\PublisherDocuments\SourceDocuments\SFA_DiistributionReport.qvw" (46), Type=PDF (46), Generating PDF Document (46), Success (24095), Success (24095)
8/7/2010 09:01:26.8314202 Information Closing the document.
8/7/2010 09:01:27.5189070 Information Closed the QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=6100
8/7/2010 09:01:27.5189070 Information Checkin (Closing document and QlikView Engine) (0), Initializing (0), Finished (703)
8/7/2010 09:01:27.5189070 Information Distributing...
8/7/2010 09:01:27.5189070 Information Distributing using resource "FullIndia_MailAttachment_1".
8/7/2010 09:01:27.5189070 Warning Distribution reported warnings for resource "FullIndia_MailAttachment_1" (MailAttachmentDistributionResource). Warnings=1
8/7/2010 09:01:27.5189070 Warning Distribution to resources reported warnings. Warnings=2
8/7/2010 09:01:27.5189070 Information All done.
8/7/2010 09:01:27.5189070 Information Distributing (0), Warnings (0), Deleting temp files (0), Next round! (0)
8/7/2010 09:01:27.5345317 Warning The task "FullIndia" finished with warnings. WarningCount=3

Thanks in advance.

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Automated mail status success but no mail getting user(Publisher)

Was there a resolution for this issue?