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Batch File not working through the External Program Task


When Iam trying to execute my Bat file in windows 2008 R2 which is executing one VBS script trhough the External Program task or scheduler, it is not working properly. The VBS script in turn calls the QLikView file.This was working previously in windows 2003.the task External Program task just keep running for very long time and does nothing.

But when I try to execute throught command task, it is running successfully .

Iam using QlikView 9 SR5 in windows 2008 server.

Any suggestions here.


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Batch File not working through the External Program Task

I think there is nothing wrong with qlikview project or application. I have the similar issue of executing VB script file which is running perfectly on my development machine not working on production.

This is the issue of operating system.. may be security, patch, configuration OR may be some application is missing. just like i couldn't extract text file to upload it on qlikview using VBscript on production but it was perfectly running on developer machine.

Shumail Hussain

New Contributor III

Re: Batch File not working through the External Program Task

Hi there

there is a problem with Win2008. when scheduled tasks are executed they are run on session 0 which is a non GUI session.

You need to find a way to force windows to run with GUI. I'm working on it - if I'll succed I'll update.


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