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Behaviour of Dynamic data update (QlikView V9) on QlikView Server / Publisher


I've some questions about the dynamic data update (QlikView V9).

1) I'm using QlikView Server :

- If I launch a dynamic data command on a qvw, if users are connected, what will hapen for them ? Will they be disconnected ? will QVS be still available while updating data (that is to say, will connected users be available to see their application and make selections on it while the dynamic data update is processing) ?

Same questions with QlikView Publisher (that is to say, will QlikView do dynamic updates in the Qvw source, or in the copy for Qv Server).
(Remark : as I'm writing this, I've some doubts on the fact that Publisher still makes a copy in V9 of your source qvw and use the copy with Qv Server)

2) Is there some limitations in terms of number of lines loaded ?
I mean, is it efficient or are there problems if you have to add a lot of lines ? (If someone have an experience feedback upon it).

Best regards

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