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Best Practice for Remote/Offline distribution


We are evaluating QlikView as a toolset for creating data rich interactive analytical tools for sales reps. One of our key challenges is the distribution of dashboards, and wish to seek the expertise out there from existing customers as to what works best...

Our sales reps tend to be offline, disconnected most of the time, and have all their Transactional data (Siebel CRM) offline.

Whilst we understand that QlikView can produce slices of the dashboard based on each individual user, our challenge is the distribution of these.

1) Can they be distributed as an attachment in Siebel linked to the User record? I'm thinking of placing the QVW file into the Siebel Fileshare, and kicking off an EIM job to link these to the employee. Has this been done in practice?

2) Sharepoint is also an option - again, the publisher produces a series of files, but how can we "upload" these en-mass to Sharepoint?

On the Sharepoint topic, how does Security work - Sharepoint obviously plugs into AD for authentication, and our QlikView instance will also be plugged to AD...the QVW files will use AD authentication - so can the webparts consider this when authenticating and displaying relevant data?

Any inputs/experience greatly appreciated, especially if there are options we have not considered above.