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Best practices for distributed qvw development and promotion

Hi Folks -

Although we run the QlikView server (including Publisher, QEMC, etc) centrally, we do have a fair amount of QVW development done by departments across institution.  These distributed developers don't have access to the server itself, so when they are ready to deploy an application to the server, they send us the QVW file to put on the server, schedule refreshes etc.  We don't presently integrate QlikView with any sort of change management system, and, even if we did, these distributed developers wouldn't have access to that either.

The churn of sending and prompting QVWs becomes rather frustrating for us and the developer community.  Do to firewall and other security considerations, we don't really want to give them direct access to the server.  I'm curious about how other organizations may have addressed this: if you have a central server and multiple folks doing QVW development, how are you managing this in your organization?  Any recommendations or unfortunate lessons learned would be welcome!



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Re: Best practices for distributed qvw development and promotion

Hey Amy,

We use Tortoise SVN for moving files from Developers machine to Server. I think its used in many companies.

A developer creates/changes his qvw files, then commits them using this SVN tool. Then the files get updated in a centralized repository. From there the Admin could then update the server folder. So something like this:

Developers machine >  Commit(by developer)  >  SVN repository  > Update(by Admin) > Server

This is just a very brief intro to SVN.There are a lot of benefits to using it. You can check with your system Admin team about this.



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Re: Best practices for distributed qvw development and promotion

You can use QVScriptor for change managment and server promotion

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