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Blank ajax page


Attempting to get my my first AJAX pages running. All seems fine, except that when I startup the page from my browser, it just displays a blank page. No error messages.

Tried lots of things (e.g. simplifying the model, rechecking all settings, different browsers etc.)

Check it out at

Any pointers to the source of the problem?

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Blank ajax page

Either the webserver or IIS isn't running or you don't have qvs installed on the machine.


Use fiddler for to see the communication ( http://www.fiddler2.com/fiddler2/ ).


Should give you the current user.

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Blank ajax page

If you turn on script debugging in IE you do get popup error saying:

Error: 'Qva' is undefined

And looking at the request in Fiddler confirms this - it appears that there is no path to /QvAjaxZfc/htc/ from the root of your website under which all the JavaScript and css files which support the ZFC are located.

When you install QVS this should be set up automatically but it's possible that they are pointing to a different website on your server or, as the previous posted suggests, QVS isn't installed at all.

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Blank ajax page

This also will not work if you do not have qlikview server running on the machine. If you are generating the ajax page based off the personal/developer version it will not run as it should without server.

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