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Blank page after QV 10 server update


We just recently updated our qvs to 10 from 9. We usually use the IEplugin for distrubution, and could in the last server version just send a link to a qvw file, the users could click it or copy paste it in the web field in IE and the document would open. (For example http://usb-qlkvwtestserver/QvAJAXZfc/AccessPoint.aspx?open=&id=QVS@usb-qlkvwtestserver%7CFinance/OurAnalysis.qvw&client=Plugin)

Now, we only get a blank page and nothing happens. The strange thing is that if we first open the AccessPoint (i.e. http://usb-qlkvwtestserver/qlikview/index.html) and then click the thumbnail of the very same qvw, it opens fine. Actually, what we even can do is to open the AccessPoint, then paste the link in the address field and, again, it works, but we cannot paste it without going first visiting the AccessPoint!

Anyone has any idea on how to get rid of this extra unnecessary step and why it worked before but not now?

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Re: Blank page after QV 10 server update

Is not reccomended to copy/paste the url due the authentication so it's better to first open Accesspoint and then the document.