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Browser Mis-Identification between QVS Installations

Hi and thanks in advance for any help offered.

At a customer site a user noticed that an application they were testing in DEV looked different in PROD. We did the normal scenario verify browser client, no IE Plugin, reboots, clear cache etc.

They are using the same browser with the Ajax client when testing side by side the applications. Things that are different include

- Fonts, rounded borders, alignment, all like the compatibility type has been changed.

So I immediately thought it was the IE plugin in use on one and not the other but it is not. What we did find is that within the toolbar when using the Ajax client that the More>Document Support Information is incorrectly identifying their browser.

The client is using IE 10

Prod reports IE 8

Dev reports IE 10

But, When I test with IE 8 it reports correctly in both environments!

I didn't expect a difference but I created a qvw with a textbox that contains GetClientPlatform() and it reported the same.

There are proxies in play but the admins say they are not changing headers.


Server 2008

QVS 11.2 SR2 cluster

IIS cluster

Publisher cluster

This is not a game breaker but more of a nuisance issue, since what folks see in Dev does not match Prod.

Forgive my ignorance if this is something simple but I've never come across this before. Has anyone else?


We did try setting Compatibility View within IE Tools and when we view the source for the HTML that is generated for a document it still is switching compatibility from Standards to IE8. So using the same browser, same settings, same session, the document looks different on Dev vs Prod.



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