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Browser automatic refresh

QlikView server 9.0.

A QlikView document on the server reloads automatically every hour,

While accessing the document through the browser(IE 8) through access points, after every server reload when trying to click on the controls on the document, we get "Lost Connection" or "Server Connection Lost, Closing document"

How can we automatically refresh the browser periodically to prevent this ?

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SV:Browser automatic refresh

Am running 8.5 but hopefully it is similar in 9.0.

On server tab under document settings change to "Server updates automatically ...".


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SV:Browser automatic refresh

We're running QlikView Web server 9.0, set "Server Updates automatically" and "Enable Push from server" on the document properties, this setting seems to be refeshing the clients.

But while running it over IIS as the web server, it's not refreshing the clients. Is this the known issue?