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CAL assignment and its time

Hi All,

I want to know much time it will take to assign or delete the Named cal user/Doc cal in QV10.

How we can assign Named cal in qv 10 and when am setting the E-mail alert for failure of QVW its overriding the existing mail.

I hope that we can set for failure alerts more id's as well like   id1 @eg.com;id2@eg.com if am not wrong.

Thanks in adv,


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Re: CAL assignment and its time

Same discussion as this CAL assignment and its time one.

Please do not post the same question multiple times. Thanks.


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Re: CAL assignment and its time

Its my mistake Peter...



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Re: CAL assignment and its time


In QEMC - Named CALs

  • Go to System – Licenses Tab – select Qlikview server in left pane.
  • Right Pane select client access licenses (CALs) tab.
  • Select Assigned CALs Tab.
  • Enter new user text box with DomainName/UserID (User id can be found in Active directory.)
  • Click on Assign CAL button.
  • Check if new user present in list of existing users list box.
  • If new user listed click on Apply button – user will be given access for Named CALs