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Qlikview  11.2 SR10.

From past couple of weeks  in our Development environment we are facing some issue so when i revied the Server logs and Distrubution logs i found the only one log getting repeted every time for past week iam not able to resolve this issue.

Distrubution logs:  in this i was able to see some files are getting deleted every day and i can see the mention of EDX Triggers but we are not using any EDX triggetrs  please find the attqchement.

Any one having the same issue if so how did you guys resolved it

Thanks in Advance....


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Re: CNTService::OnInterrogate


We once faced a similar Issue at QV11.2 on the server, RAM- and CPU-Usage went up for almost half an hour but then it stopped.

I googled a little to solve this issue and found following:

CNTService is the class which provides a C++ framework upon which you can develop your own MFC C++ based services. The class makes heavy use of virtual functions which your service class should override.

(CNTService v1.06 - NT Service Framework - CodeProject)

That doesn't answer your question and you probably already found that yourself, but maybe it helps another person who might have the same issue has some use of it..

What was odd was, that the moment it stopped there was another error: "SE_LOG: When AAALR(6.675912) is greater than 1.000000, we suggest using new row applicator to improve time end mem effeciency." I have no idea if there is a connection between the two but after this AAALR-value went down again there was no further problem...Usage dropped and everything seems to work fine since... also the AAALR-value didn't go up again...

I also checked on that, but as no one seems to know what exactly this AAALR-value means (best shot was: SE_LOG: when AAALR(6.186927) is greater than 1.000000, we suggest using new row applicator to improv...) I couldn't determine, if there was a connection... If anyone has further information to each of these issues please feel free to share, I would really be interested, IF there is a connection or if it was just a coincident that these two came along together....

regards Katharina

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