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Calculate Physical & Virtual Memory of the server


Is there a way to find the Physical memory usage and Virtual memory usgae of the server. Currently, I can see VMCommitted(MB), VMAllocated(MB), VMFree(MB), VMLargestFreeBlock(MB) from the performance log file updated, but I don't know how to manipulate this to get physical & virtual memory usage hourly wise. Is this all generated by QlikView server itself or do I need to look at the window server log (if any..).

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Calculate Physical & Virtual Memory of the server

If the system behaves as it should, the numbers in the VMCommitted and VMAllocated will never reside in virtual memory, unless the Working Set limit High has been passed, and by then Windows are only allowed to swap the amounts above that limit. QVS, per default, makes sure that it's working set is in physical memory, since if you would have any (considerable) amounts of ws data in virtual memory, response times on data access would be horrible.

Swapping occurs on a QVS system, but during regular operations, not by QVS itself. Windows are mainly responsible for swap operations system wide, and that is as designed.

Therefore, there are no real meaning in parting QVS working set memory in physical and virtual memory counters, since it basically are no data in virtual memory, unless there are a memory exhaustion problem on the system.