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Can't open doc under QVS 11.2

Hi everybody,

i'm using QVS 11.2  and i just see a strange behavior.

A qvw can't be open (message is can't be open for unknown reason) under his name (doc.qvw) but if i rename it as docnew.qvw it can.

How can someone explain this?

thank you


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Re: Can't open doc under QVS 11.2

Hi Chris,

Try the following:

  1. Stop from the services.msc Windows Console all QlikView services
  2. Go to the folder where the QVW is stored.
  3. Rename its corresponding .Shared file to something different.
  4. Restart services.

Hope that helps.


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Re: Can't open doc under QVS 11.2

Thank you Miguel Angel,

Unfortunately i'm no able to test it now bacause i'm not on the site anymore.

But I did modify my script (input fields), reload it and copy it on the access point folder and i could open it again.

Strange isn't it?



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