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New Contributor

Can you create a Change Request form with QV?

I manage a team that supports a large Qlik base and are looking for a template for our users to submit enhancement requests / change requests.   is there a form that exists for this or how to create one?   any guidance is appreciated.

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Re: Can you create a Change Request form with QV?

AFAIK there don't exists such response-forms.

As an alternatively you could use an extension which writes these responses into a database. Here an example what is meant: SQL Writeback from QlikView extension object. whereby there are various commercial tools available which provide similar functionalities.

Another way might be to use the inbuilt comment-feature (in AJAX client right click on an object) which content is stored within the shared-files and which could be read with the shared-file viewer from the Power Tools 1.2 for QlikView.

I think both of them won't be easy to implement. If there isn't an existing request-process within the company for all the other IT topics (if yes I would just put a link to them in each qvw) I would go with the extension-approach because this kind of logic might be useful in a variety of other use-cases.

- Marcus

New Contributor

Re: Can you create a Change Request form with QV?

Thanks Marcus. Just exploring. We’ll go a different route and will also consider the link to a form in each QVD. That is a good suggestion.

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