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Can you have 2 different publishers using the same clustered QVS being managed by 2 different QMCs?


We have an existing Test environment, called QAS, shown above inside the blue rectangle.  We would like to create another environment (inside the red rectangle) but leverage the existing QVS cluster but use a different Publisher and a different QMC.  Considering the fact that we will be using the same QVS for both environments, the license should be the same.  We would only need license the new Publisher (Secure Publisher).

Assuming my licensing is correct, has anyone else been able to do this?  I was able to stand both environments up but something corrupted the QVPR of one of my QMC's.  Not sure if the corruption was related to this environment because we've had corrupt QVPRs in the past.

Your thoughts on this is very much appreciated.