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Cannot see Qlikview document


I have just installed Workbench on my server and trying to get started with creating a basic web page.

I have added the QVObject to the blank page, but cannot see any documents to select?

I am using Visual Studio web developer 2010 express and Workbench 10.

I have attached a picture to illustrate this.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Cannot see Qlikview document

Hi There,

It could be a number of things. The obvious one to check is whether you have Workbench included as part of your Qlikview Server License (it will say this within the LEF key on the management console if you have bought this separately). Without that nothing will be visible or selectable from the drop down lists and you will not be able to utlilise the workbench tools, even though you are able to install them.

The other thing to check is that the qlikview document(s) you are trying to select objects from are visible to the qlikview server, i.e. they are loaded into the management console and are visible on the access point.

Hope that helps.


Paul Dutton

Bellis-Jones Hill

Valued Contributor

Cannot see Qlikview document

Hi Saffatwist, Paul

I have a similar problem with WB and VS express 2010, and i've seen that my QlikView toolbar objects have'nt been installed.

I was manually able to add the QV object and pointer to my toolbox, but there should be 10+ items.
First step was to select the DataSource object which tells the VisualStudio which QVS/QVW to use.

In the end i decided to try again with a VM using Visual Studio2008 instead of 2010, and will let you know how it goes...