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Chart column sort does not keep the configuration.

Hi everyone!

I made a sorting priority (of columns) configuration in my Dashboard. When I load in the web (AP) for all the users, the column sort configuration does not persist and even hasn't a logic, some ones keep my configuration and some others doesn't.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Chart sorting doesn't keep the configuration.

Hi Try to make sorting using expression.

go to properties --> under sort tab their is option as Expression.

Build expression logic as per your requirement.

-- Regards,

Vishal Waghole


Re: Chart sorting doesn't keep the configuration.


I'm moving this thread to the Deployment/Server forum. Let's keep the Sense forum for Sense questions.


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Re: Chart sorting doesn't keep the configuration.

Hi Vishal!,

Sorry, I have not expressed correctly.

My problem is in the Sort Priority. I place one in the first position, but in the AP this sequence of priority is not the same.

And by the way, thanks for your quick answer.

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