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Claims-Aware Single Sign On

Hi I'm trying to find ways to set up a Web Single Sign On (Single Sign On betwen two different trusted companies) Qlikview Server with Active Directory Federation Services

It seems like ADFS only supports either claims based applications or Window NT-token based applications for authentication. It doesn't look like Qlikview is an NT-token based application (although I could be wrong) so I was wondering if anyone know how to configure it to be claims-aware? I have read in multiple places that I need to modify a web.config file somewhere. My first impression was the web.config file for either QV Publisher or QV Accesspoint. However, in Qlikview 9, neither of these files seem to exist.

Any ideas?



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Claims-Aware Single Sign On

I now know that Qlikview accepts NT-tokens so it should work better as an NT-token based application in ADFS. However, I also heard that any application based on .NET can be made into a claims based application. Since Qlikview also happens to use .NET, I'm assuming it is possible to make it recognize ADFS claims.

Has anyone tried to do this yet or does anyone know if this is in fact possible?


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