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Close document needs to return to Access Point (v10)

Hi there,

I'm trying to figure out how clicking the 'Close' button that executes the closeSession javascript can actually return the user to the access point and their document list.  In the link below are instructions that it sounds like work great for V11.  I tried it out in my v10 environment, actually just copying the closeSession function and updating the local host value.  However that just made the close button stop working altogether.  Any experience with getting this happening for V10?





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Re: Close document needs to return to Access Point (v10)

Okay, just kept playing around with it after giving the sample code for v11 a proper read.

I inserted a line to my closeSession function in opendoc.

function CloseSession() {

            document.getElementById("MainContainer").innerHTML = "";

            document.getElementById("Tabrow").innerHTML = "";

            document.getElementById("QvToolbar").innerHTML = "";

            document.body.style.background = "";


            qva.Enabled = false;


            qva.Ready = function () {};

            qva.OnContextMenu = function () {};



            var closebtn = document.getElementById("Close");

                window.open ("<your_local_host_value_here>/qlikview","_self",false)

            if (closebtn) {


                closebtn.innerText = closebtn.RestoreText ? closebtn.RestoreText : "Restore";

                closebtn.href = "javascript:RestoreSession()";



I think it would be nice if there was return to access point button on the tool bar though.