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Cluster Infrastructure Question

We are setting up a new clustered environment and curious to know if this design would work/makes sense

Load Balancer

1 Server - QMC Installed Only Low Ram/Cores

2 App Servers- Web App Services Only - Low Ram/Cores

6 QVS Servers - QVS Services Only - High Ram/Cores

1 Server - Publisher

1 - NAS High Storage

Any Input Appreciated

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Re: Cluster Infrastructure Question

The answer really depends on your expected use and whether you want failover. From the design, it looks like you are expecting alot of users, few tasks.  I recommend installing the QMC on all your QVS servers (for fail over) and running it from one of them. In my experience there is no need for a dedicated QMC server.

You should test the capacity of your publisher server.  We are using high RAM/CPU physical servers and can refresh 40 or tasks concurrently.

Check with Qlik for the NAS. They have recommendations as to the configuration. We currently use a windows cluster of the QVS as a file server for a SAN but I would like to move to a dedicated file server.

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