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Collaboration in QV Client


I am trying to use the collaboration features, specifically adding new objects, editing object properties and it is not working.

I've tried to made sure the settings in the QV Server v9 and Qv Client v9 allow collaboration.

I changed the document settings (Qv Client v9), by checking the follow options:
- "Allow Server Bookmarks"
- "Allow Server Reports"
- "Allow Server objects"

After that, i checked the option "Allow Server Collaboration" in QlikView Server v9, but when i applied the current settings, the server restarted and the option above was unchecked.

Someone could give me a clue to solve this problem?

Thanks for your time.

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Collaboration in QV Client

Are you using small business version of server or the enterprise version?

I think collaboration is not possible with small business server.

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Collaboration in QV Client

It is a enterprise version.

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